Arm day + knitting = bad combo

Yesterday I did an arm workout.

Today is Christmas knitting catchup day.

Not a great combination. I clearly didn’t think this through.

On the bright side I’m almost done with this Ravenclaw scarf! I have a little over 35 rows left, and then I need to add the patch and tassels.

Check this out! I’m a little disappointed it’s a raven and not an eagle, but it was the nicest looking one on Amazon and the only one with Prime shipping.

I’ve never sewn a patch onto something knitted so I’m a little concerned, but hopefully I don’t mess up too bad.

I’ve also never added tassels to anything before so that’s another new thing to experiment with.

I’m so excited to show you guys the finished product!


Moss Stitch Scarf – Free Simple Knitted Scarf Pattern

Ready to share my first pattern! Here goes!

This is a super simple scarf that I made when I first learned how to knit. I wanted something simple that only required knowing how to knit and purl and I loved the way double moss stitch looked so I made a whole scarf out of it.


The color that I made it in doesn’t match much of what I wear so I don’t get to wear it very often, but I’m actually in the process of making a second one in silver that will go with just about anything.


Here is the pattern:

Yarn: I used less than one skein of Red Heart Super Saver yarn because as a beginner who was also a poor college student at the time, I didn’t want to invest in fancy yarn just yet. You can use whatever kind of yarn you like, however.

Needle size: Use the size indicated by your yarn. The scarf in the picture was made using a size 9 needles.

Finished measurements: 4″ x 67″


Cast on 20 stitches (or any even number of stitches).

Row 1: K1, P1, repeat to end of row.

Row 2: Repeat row 1.

Row 3: P1, K1, repeat to end of row.

Row 4: Repeat row 3.

Repeat rows 1-4 until you reach the desired length.

And that’s it! It’s a very easy scarf for beginners and the end result looks beautiful.

Here is what my in-progress scarf looks like. I like the way the lighter yarn really brings out the texture here.


If you make this scarf, I would love to know how it turns out!

Yarn Haul

Today I had the best trip to the craft store so I thought I’d tell you all about it.

I needed to buy more yarn for the Ravenclaw scarf, but over the weekend I found this really great crochet pattern for a “blanket sweater.” It’s basically a blanket and then you sew it together to make arm holes. It looked super comfy and warm so I decided to give it a try. There weren’t any good sales at Michaels or A.C. Moore for more than one item so I checked Jo-Ann Fabric and found a bunch of good sales happening today.

I’d never been before, but my knitting friends always hyped up Jo-Ann so I thought I’d give it a try. And boy should I have listened to them sooner. It was huge and had so much more to choose from! Definitely my new favorite place.

Anyway, I needed seven skeins of yarn for the blanket sweater, and they only had one color that had that many skeins so my choice was fairly easy. I went with Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Denim Twist. Couldn’t find seven in the same dye lot, but since it’s multi-colored I don’t think it’ll be too noticeable.

I wasn’t too crazy about the color at first, but as soon as I started using it, I loved the way the colors blend together. Definitely happy with my choice!

And. it’s. so. soft.

I also found the right yarn to finish up my Ravenclaw scarf, which was the whole point of the trip anyway. It wasn’t the same brand as the original yarn, so I was impressed with how well it matched. Now that I have all this new yarn it’ll be hard to pull myself back to that project!

I also bought new tapestry needles, a new crochet hook, and this super cute yarn tote bag, which I was very excited about.




Hogwarts Scarf Progress

It seems like I’ve been working on this Ravenclaw scarf forever! I’m finally nearing the end, just in time for Christmas.

Ever since my boyfriend and I started dating I’ve been promising him this scarf, and I’ve passed about three or four holidays so far without having it ready.


But gosh darnit I’ll have it ready for this Christmas!

I’ve been making a lot of progress lately, but it looks like I’ll need to go buy some more yarn.

I thought one skein would do it, but it’s not quite as long as I want it to be. I think it needs one more section to be a good length.

20171209_155425   20171209_153657_HDR.jpg

It’s snowing out today so I don’t want to venture out for more yarn, so I’m kind of putting this project on hold for a day or two. I don’t remember what brand of yarn I was using, so hopefully I can just pick a good match just from looking.

The pattern that I’ve been following for the scarf can be found here. I chose it because nearly all the other Hogwarts scarves I found needed to be knit in the round and I liked that this one was knitted flat.

The only modification I’ve made so far is to not slip the first stitch of every row, and I regret not doing that. I think the edges would have looked way better if I followed the pattern completely.

I think I’ll also add tassels to mine.

I’m excited to be done with this one, and hopefully I can finish in the next week or two.

3 Simple Beginner Wire Wrapped Earring Tutorials

When I first got interested in jewelry making, I searched the web for some beginner tutorials. There were so many results and so many lists of so-called easy and beginner projects, but I had trouble with a lot of the ones they claimed to be easy. It was discouraging at first to try to make earrings that were supposed to be easy, but then mess it up completely. So here is my list of what I consider super easy wire wrapped earrings tutorials that helped me out at first.

Spiral Swan Earrings

These earring are super simple and look really pretty.

I was going to post a photo of what the ones I made look like, but for some reason my phone camera won’t take a decent picture. So here is the photo from the website:

george 026

These are really easy to make and they look really pretty. I love how minimal they look!

Bead Stud Earrings

Here is another super simple earring tutorial. I modify it slightly when I make them so that the wire isn’t wrapped perfectly around. When I make them I like to just wrap the wire around quickly and a bit sloppily because I think it looks cool when the wire overlaps, instead of just being wrapped around perfectly. Here is what theirs looks like:


And here is what mine look like (again, sorry for the potato quality, don’t know what’s up with my camera):


Wire Wrapped Bead Earrings

Here is another simple pair of earrings. In my experience, these are slightly harder than the first two and take a little bit longer to make, but don’t get discouraged!

Here is what they will look like:


I hope someone finds these helpful as a starting point for making wire-wrapped jewelry. I will try to gather some more simple tutorials for another post, so stay tuned!




Metal Stamped Rings


I added four new metal stamped rings to my shop!

My favorites are the 13.1/26.2 ring. I’ve been wearing the 13.1 ring since I made it and probably will keep it on for a while.

I’m really proud with how these turned out. I’m excited to add even more options in the near future.

Charms, keychains, and new jewelry experiments

I went to Michaels on Saturday and found this super cute giraffe charm and had to have it!

I made a necklace out of it, which is now available in my Etsy shop.

I also bought some keychain rings and made these running distance keychains.

I ran a half marathon in October and have been meaning to make a 13.1 bracelet for a while. I finally ordered small enough blanks for it and was supposed to receive them on Saturday, but my delivery was delayed. I finally got them yesterday so will hopefully have some time this week to make new things.

I also ordered more ring blanks and those should be arriving this week. I’m excited to start making rings again!

I spent Saturday night experimenting with new jewelry designs, but this was the only one I was really proud of. I’m still not sure if I’ll add it to my Etsy shop. I definitely still need to make a few more practice ones before I’m comfortable selling them. I mean, just look at how different those loop sizes are!

After that, I spent the rest of the night working on the Ravenclaw scarf while binging The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Gilmore Girls is my favorite show, so I’m glad to have another Amy Sherman-Palladino show to watch.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back with another update in a few days once my new supplies come in.